Amy Schumer's protective boyfriend

Amy Schumer's boyfriend is "very protective".

The 'Trainwreck' star has been dating furniture designer Ben Hanisch - who relocated from Chicago to live with her in New York City - for over a year and she is thankful he is always "really cool" with the attention that comes with life in the public eye.

She said: "He's very protective of me. Like, not overprotective, but if someone's taking pictures of me or filming in a restaurant, he'll start taking pictures of them.

"He's really cool; it's not a problem to be around any of the sorts of people who are at these events. He takes it all in his stride.

"But when I say, 'Shall we get out of here?,' he's like, 'Yes!'"

Amy feels "so lucky" to be with Ben, and claims he had never seen any of her work before they met.

She added to the upcoming new issue of Britain's Glamour magazine: "I'm so lucky that I met him. And he hadn't seen any of my work before we met..."

Despite being a household name, the 35-year-old star insists she never wanted to be famous and was "terrified" at the thought of everyone knowing who she is.

She said: "No, I did not ever want to be famous, honestly. It didn't occur to me until it was already happening. The fame aspect is not something that appealed to me at all. And I was really kind of terrified of it."

However, Amy insists she is "grateful" for even the downsides of fame, though it can be "distracting" and "embarrassing for everyone" she's with when her presence draws attention.

She said: "I wouldn't trade it to wait tables or whatever. I live my life; I'm grateful for everything. It's mostly just really annoying.

"I'm conscious for the people I'm with. Now when I go outside, I get photographed by the paparazzi.

"I'm not to the level of some people some actresses where it's constant tabloids, but it's enough that it's really uncomfortable."