Ashley Roberts in state of shock after father dies of suicide

Ashley Roberts has been left devastated after her father took his own life.

The former Pussycat Dolls star says she is in a "state of shock" and "deep pain" after 70-year-old Pat Roberts died last month after battling mental health issues.

Revealing the tragic news to her followers alongside a photograph of herself with her father when she was a child, Ashley wrote on Instagram: "With great sadness in my heart, I wanted to share with you that on March 19 - after a long battle of physical and mental heath - my father took his own life.

"The past 3.5 weeks I've been in a state of shock, confusion, questioning, pain so deep in my guts it's been hard to come up for air. (sic)"

The 36-year-old dancer has vowed to help raise awareness of suicide and mental health and help anyone else going through hard times by sharing her feelings on the social media app.

However, for the time being she is feeling lost as she mourns her parent and digests the tragic loss of her father.

She added: "Feeling like I don't know how to move forward from here.

"What am I supposed to do with all this?

"For now, I sit here with this pain - Inviting it ALL in.

"To teach me, to heal me, to rebuild me.

"If any of you have gone through something similar. I understand and my heart goes out to you.

"I will be sharing more on this in the next days, weeks, months to come - as raising awareness here and outreach for those left behind is so so so important.

"But for now I am grateful for your love and support.