Brad Pitt shares an ex with Ellen DeGeneres

Brad Pitt and Ellen DeGeneres share an ex-girlfriend.

The 'Ad Astra' actor - who has six children with former wife Angelina Jolie - recalled how he met the talk show host for the first time when she "hit" on his then-partner at a party and she admitted it wasn't the only instance where they shared the same taste in women.

Asked about when they first met, Brad said: "I remember a Melissa Etheridge pool party where you were hitting on my girlfriend. I was flattered."

Ellen - who is married to Portia de Rossi - exclaimed: "Was I really? I actually sense that I dated another one of your girlfriends. We'll talk about that later."

Her guest quipped: "After the show."

Brad also joked he thinks he's "braver" than his good friend Tom Cruise after allowing a dog to lick his face and neck in his latest movie 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'.

He said: "Tom Cruise, my friend, will tie himself to the side of an airplane and it will take off and land, I put apple sauce on my neck so a pitbull would give me love and affection. I don't know who's braver."

The 55-year-old star went shirtless in the movie so he had to ensure he was in good shape.

He said "He's a stuntman so he's got to be in physical shape. I prepared.

"I try to stay healthy and do something physical a few times a week I hit the gym, do some running, throw some weights around."

But he insisted he isn't that serious about his fitness regime.

Asked by Ellen the heaviest weight he has bench pressed, he laughed: "I don't know, I don't work that hard."