Dave Grohl set to build his 'dream house'

Dave Grohl is going to build a house he saw in his dreams.

The Foo Fighters frontman has had a recurring dream every few months for over a decade about visiting a particular abode and after looking for it all over the world, he's never found it so has come to the realisation he needs to set about creating it himself instead.

He said: "The rooms are vast. Large, bare-beamed ceilings. Sometimes there are rooms within rooms, sometimes on split levels.

"I could draw you a blueprint of this house.

"But in every one of those same dreams, I know the house isn't mine. I want it. I really want it.

"But in the dream I'm still waiting for it to come on the market. I know it will, eventually, but as of that moment, it isn't mine.

"I look for this house all the time, wherever I'm touring with the band. Sometimes I think I'll turn a corner when I'm driving and it'll be there and I'll just know.

"But you know what I thought this year? You know when people say they are building their dream house? Well, this is mine. So I'm just going to build it. I mean, who is going to stop me?"

If he does build the house, it won't be the first time the 49-year-old rocker has seen one of his dreams come true.

He told GQ magazine: "I get very lucid dreams, have done my entire life.

"When I was 11 or 12, I fell for this new girl in my school, Sandy Moran ... Eventually, we got it together.

"I asked her out, she said yes and we were going steady. It was for like four days or something - ridiculous.

"Anyway, three or four days later she broke up with me and the very same night I had this dream.

"I was in an arena full of people and I'm at the front, shredding some guitar lead, the audience is going nuts, totally loving it.

"Then at the front down, I look down and there she is, Sandy, right in the front row. Crying her eyes out. She looks up to me and mouths, 'Dave, why did I break up with you?'

"The funny thing is that actually happened.

"We played a show in Washington, D.C., a couple years back. It was like a school reunion, about 400 of my old pals were there on the guest list.

"I hear from someone that Sandy wants to come down ... Sure as hell, I am on stage in my home town, same as the dream I had 35 years ago, ripping a guitar lead and I look out into the crowd and there she is, front row.

"Sandy f***ing Moran. She's not crying this time though, she's just looking at me, shaking her head like, 'You asshole.'"