Dita Von Teese doesn't rule out starting a family

Dita Von Teese is open to adopting a child.

The burlesque performer turns 50 next year, and despite previously insisting she doesn't have children because of the perils of social media, the entertainer has insisted she hasn't ruled out becoming a mother through alternative methods, such as adoption and surrogacy.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper's Fabulous magazine, she said: “I think it’s OK for people to bow out of parenthood. There’s so much pressure.

“But who knows? Maybe I am going to adopt a baby or have a baby somehow like other people who are doing it in their fifties."

The stunning model insisted she has good genes in her family and is health-conscious herself.

The cabaret performer added: “To be fair, my 92-year-old grandmother is very youthful, so there are some good genes there but I do my best to take care of myself.

“I exercise and try to sleep well. I take care of my skin and use sunscreen. I don’t smoke cigarettes and I never drink more than two glasses of alcohol. A lot of it is common sense.”

Meanwhile, Dita - who was previously married to Marilyn Manson for two years - has been in a relationship with Adam Rajcevich since 2014, but recently admitted she doesn’t want to tie the knot again and would instead rather show her commitment in another way.

Explaining why she doesn’t want to marry again, she said: “I felt like I already had my big showbiz wedding thing – but maybe that was because I married a rock star.

“What I learned from my last engagements and marriage is that the most romantic part is being engaged and telling someone you want to be with them for the rest of your life.

"So I thought about being perpetually engaged. I’m not engaged yet.

"But Adam and I have talked about it, not having a big wedding and just a long engagement. He agrees and is like, ‘Alright yeah, I’m into that.'"