George Michael left nothing in will to Fadi Fawaz

George Michael left nothing to Fadi Fawaz in his will.

The music icon was found dead at his home in Oxfordshire by his boyfriend Fadi, 45, on Christmas Day 2016 and although they had been together since 2011, George's cousin Andros Georgiou says Fadi was not mentioned in his will.

He explained that all beneficiaries of 53-year-old George's estate had been contacted, including his sisters, staff and charities - believed to be Childline and the Terrence Higgins Trust - but his hairdresser lover was not on the list.

Fadi is currently living in George's Regents Park home and Andros believes that despite being excluded from the will, Fadi will be paid a settlement to leave as he is currently contesting the will.

He told The Sun on Sunday: "Fadi is threatening to go all the way to High Court but I think the estate will have to settle with him.

"He's been offered £500,000 and I think the estate should pay a couple of million to get rid of him."

George's ex-partner, Dallas art dealer Kenny Goss, 59, who was with the late star from 1996 to 2011, is also said to be contesting his exclusion from the will, in relation to their Goss-Michael Foundation.

Meanwhile, Fadi recently revealed he is selling George's possessions, so he can "survive" amid the ongoing legal battle with the late 'Careless Whisper' hitmaker's family over the late singing legend's £105 million fortune.

He wrote on Twitter: "George Michael Items for sale if you interested please let me know. It's a way so I can survive till we solve the problems with his family and lawyer. Since I'm left with no help and since no one is human anymore.

"Am willing to sell any story as well .

"Iam done with being respectful towards George Michael or the rest.

"I will fight for my right from George Michael till the last day of my life.

"And no I won't get a job .(sic)"

In December, Fadi admitted he misses George "so much".

He wrote: "Today was the last time I saw your beautiful face looking like an angel. I miss you so much my beautiful man George. Fadi xxx (sic)"