Iggy Azalea reveals her anxiety struggles

Iggy Azalea says moving house and finishing her new album is triggering her anxiety.

The 28-year-old rap star - who has revealed via Twitter that she's feeling particularly anxious at the moment - is undecided as to whether her trepidation is something she should feel concerned by, or whether it's something she ought to embrace.

Writing on the micro-blogging platform, Iggy explained: "Moving into a new house and finishing my album all in the same month is giving me anxiety.

But; the good kind? Sorta. (sic)"

More flippantly, Iggy revealed that one thing she isn't concerned about is falling in high-heels, saying that her "cankles" will always protect her.

She quipped: "All my life I've never been scared to fall in heels because I know I have cankles & you can't break me. (sic)"

Meanwhile, Iggy revealed in 2018 that she'd signed a new record deal, which has given her greater freedom over her career.

The 'Fancy' hitmaker discussed the issue on her Twitter account, saying she's "excited" about her future.

Iggy wrote: "Proud to say I literally just signed my new deal/partnership!

"2.7mil, can sign others, own my masters + 100% independent -

"I'm feeling like such a bossy grown ass b***h today!

"Time to get back to ME.

"I'm so grateful & excited...

"Cheers! (sic)"

The outspoken rap star - who previously admitted she wanted to become her "own boss" - feels thrilled to have taken control of her destiny.

She said: "I'm just so happy & excited;

"I wanted to tell you guys as soon as the pen hit the paper!

"I OWN MY OWN MASTERSSSSS b***hhhhhhhhh turn the f**k up! (sic)"