Iggy Azalea warns her neighbor to prepare for a 'marathon of petty'

Iggy Azalea is proudly "petty".

The 30-year-old rap star has come into conflict with one of her new neighbors, after she "snitched" on her for having construction work done to her home - and Iggy has vowed to fight fire with fire.

The 'Work' hitmaker - who was born in Australia, but has lived in the US since her teens - wrote on Twitter: "Day 1 living in my new house and my bored housewives a** neighbor already tried to snitch on me for doing construction in my own f***** home. [laughing emoji]

"Little does she know, f****** with her is now my new hobby and life’s work.

"You live next to a Gemini now sweetie. Hi, I’m petty! (sic)"

Iggy was subsequently quizzed by her social media followers about the renovation work.

And the music star insisted that in spite of her neighbor's complaints, she's already been given planning permission to make the changes she wants.

She wrote: "I guess she thought I wasn’t allowed? Iam tho [laughing emoji]

"Weirdo behavior. day ONE (sic)"

Iggy admitted to being warned about her new neighbor, adding that she's "a little excited" about their conflict.

She shared on Twitter: "To be fair before I’d even gotten my keys 3 other people on my street told me she’s a **** so I was prepared and honestly a little excited. (sic)"

Iggy has now warned her neighbor to prepare for a "marathon of petty" over the coming months.

The rap star - who moved to the US in order to pursue her music dreams - said: "I’m doing construction on and off for the next year and a half….

"She’s not prepared for the marathon of petty that awaits. (sic)"