Johnny Depp and Keith Richards enjoy a Ruby Thursday at Indian restaurant

Johnny Depp enjoyed an Indian feast with Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and Mott the Hoople musician Ian Hunter at a curry house in Surrey, England, last week.

Johnny, 56, had his security team scope out the Le Raj restaurant in Epsom, South East England, before he and his famous friends sat down for a spicy meal on Thursday night (07.11.19).

Staff at the Indian-Bangladeshi restaurant were only made aware of their celebrity diners just moments before they came in to eat but despite their star status Johnny, Keith and Ian didn't ask for any special treatment.

Speaking to the Surrey Comet newspaper, Le Raj proprietor Jeffrey Ali said: "It was a bit of a surprise! They made sure the security and everything was hunky dory and then when they told me it was Johnny Depp I thought I'd misheard.

"He was a really lovely guy, the nicest guy in the world and just like any other guests really - laughing and joking, they didn't demand any special attention ... We're quite chuffed to be honest ... with someone who doesn't live anywhere near us especially.

"Honestly he's the nicest chap, really respectful to everyone and he went in the kitchen, saying hi to the staff and going out of his way to say thank you to everyone."

Johnny and 75-year-old Keith - who have been friends for years, with Johnny even basing his 'Pirates of the Caribbean' character Captain Jack Sparrow on the guitarist - couldn't stop gorging themselves on the eatery's onion bhajis and the chefs even made some more of the tasty treats the twosome could takeaway with them.

Ali added: "We had some onion bhajis and extra bits and pieces prepared for them so they could take it on their plane.

"I think the onion bhajis were their favorites of everything we did."

Le Raj marked Johnny's visit by posting a photo of the Hollywood star with his waiter on their Facebook page, declaring that he had praised the meal as the "best Indian cuisine" he'd ever had.

The post read: "Le Raj was fortunate to host Johnny Depp this week! The best Indian Cuisine I've ever had! As said by the gracious movie star."