Jordana Brewster wants to marry 'love of her life' after breakup

Jordana Brewster is already starting to plan her second wedding "in her head".

The 41-year-old actress - who split from her ex-husband Andrew Form last summer after 13 years of marriage - has penned an essay about the end of her relationship, and her new romance with Mason Morfit.

Writing in Glamour magazine, she said: “I still speed up sometimes. I’m already planning my second wedding in my head.

"But I stop myself when I get that rushed, buzzy feeling. I stop. I breathe. I write. Mason also calls me on it, which is helpful.

"I found it. I found him. I can slow down. And I do."

The 'Fast & Furious' star noted neither she nor her husband are to blame for their divorce, as she admitted she has grown over the years and eventually reached a moment where she could "put it all on the line".

She added: “Ultimately my divorce wasn’t my fault or my ex-husband’s fault. At 27, I was not ready to be emotionally open or vulnerable.

"I wasn’t ready to really let someone in. At 40, I cracked myself open and put it all on the line.

"With that came the collateral damage of my first marriage, but by risking it all I gained the love of my life.”

She also opened up on the reason for her split from Andrew, and pointed to her former flame's need to focus on his work life.

She explained: "Most of why my marriage didn’t work was not my ex-husband’s fault. He loves work. He loves being on set, on location.

"I knew this from ages 27 to 32, but it became a problem for me once the kids were older. I wanted a partner.

“So, toward the beginning of the pandemic, Andrew and I decided to separate. The combination of being apart for most of the year for many years and growing apart emotionally took its toll.”