Lisa Vanderpump's mother has died

Lisa Vanderpump's mother has reportedly died.

Jean Vanderpump, the 84-year-old mother of reality star Lisa reportedly passed away on Monday (17.06.19) at her home in England, according to

A source close to Lisa told the publication: "This has hit Lisa very hard and she is shocked by her mother's sudden death."

Lisa, 58, has reportedly taken a temporary break from filming 'Vanderpump Rules' in order to grieve the tragic loss, which comes after her brother Mark Vanderpump died of an accidental suicide last year.

The source added: "Lisa has not had an easy past 14 months. In April of 2018 her brother Mark [died] rocking her family to its core.

"She then had to deal with a tumultuous season on the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' which ultimately led to her stopping filming and eventually quitting the show as she was tired of being bullied by the other cast members.

"One thing is for sure with Lisa though, she's as strong as they come and once she has worked through her grief she will be back running her restaurant empire, focusing on her philanthropic endeavours and filming 'Vanderpump Rules'."

A representative for Lisa confirmed her mother's passing to, but claimed the star was too upset to comment at the time of writing.

Meanwhile, Lisa recently revealed she stepped down from 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' after developing depression as a result of her brother's sudden passing.

She said: "I've never self-harmed, but I have had depressing moments. I started on antidepressants after my brother passed, and grief counselling. After such a depressing year, I worry about the toll it might take. That's one of the reasons I wanted to step away from 'Housewives'.

"It's important to talk about depression, and for people to seek help, realising there's no shame to it. Life is difficult to navigate.

"Just because you're living in a great house, or driving a fabulous car, or have an amazing piece of jewellery, doesn't mean you'll be happy.

"For the most part I've had a happy life, but suicide is not the answer. It's a permanent solution to a temporary problem."