Martin Kemp: A ghost named Len saved my life

Martin Kemp says a spirit named Len once saved his life.

The 59-year-old singer believes the “friendly ghost” has visited him several times, including one memorable moment in which the spirit spoke to him directly to tell him to “go back inside” his house, which saved him from being hit by a car.

He explained: “One morning, I left the house thinking about the day ahead ... when I heard a voice in my ear, as if someone was talking to me.

“It was a voice talking to me directly, as though they needed to tell me something really important. It was a man’s voice, clear and deep.

“The voice seemed to speak slowly, as if it wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to be scared. It simply said, ‘Go back inside the house.’ I started to walk back towards the front door, trying to make sense of what had happened, when I heard an almighty bang.

“A Ford Cortina had careered into the space between two cars parked in the road – the exact space I would have been standing if I hadn’t heard the voice.”

Martin believes the spirit first came to him after he and a friend from school used an Ouija board when they were kids, during which time he saw his ghostly pal.

He added: “We sat watching the glass spin around the old-fashioned Ouija board, spelling out ‘A message for Martin’. The room felt a little cooler. ‘Let’s see what it says,’ I muttered. ‘I am your guide, your name is Len.’

“My heart was hammering in my chest. Who was Len? Why was he guiding me?”

And when the Spandau Ballet star told his mother about the ghostly experience, she informed him Len was a foreman at the printworks where his dad worked.

Writing in his new book, ‘It’s a Love Story’, he said: “She explained, ‘He died a few years ago. He knew all about you and [Martin’s brother] Gary.’

“I still think thin it’s Len who managed to save my life. There must have been thousands of tiny moments when Len was looking out for me over the years.”