Spencer Pratt brands Brody Jenner's marriage fake

Spencer Pratt has claimed Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter's marriage "wasn't real".

The couple - who had been together for five years - were revealed to have split earlier this week, just a year after tying the knot, but their 'The Hills: New Beginnings' co-star insists their union was never legal and he'd have been invited to their celebrations if it was.

He said: "I can't believe that Brody's over here pretending he's husband of the year - giving Speidi marriage advice - when he has never been legally married in the U.S. of A...

By the way, I knew their marriage wasn't real. I already addressed it with Brody, and he said he didn't want to marry her because he didn't want her to have access to Linda's money.

"I knew when I wasn't invited to the wedding it wasn't a real wedding, because I know if Brody was legally getting married, he would have loved to have had me there Snapchatting the whole thing."

And Spencer - who has 22-month-old son Gunner with wife Heidi - branded the former couple "pathological liars" who had always slept with "other people" and claimed Kaitlynn even has a new boyfriend.

He told Cosmopolitan: "I'm calling two pathological liars out for pretending to be a married couple for 12 episodes, when they're boyfriend and girlfriend who sleep with other people. Do what you want, but don't lie about it.

"And guess what: Kaitlynn's dating a new guy... She's already back off the market."

But the outspoken star thinks the former couple's split will make for great viewing on the next season of 'The Hills: New Beginnings'.

He said: "I want that on season 2. I want Kaitlynn Carter - never actually Kaitlynn Jenner - front and centre when we come back.

"Let's get her a contract because I'm very invested in following the story of her new relationship and her new life.

"I'm way more excited to watch Brody and Kaitlynn being single than I was with them being a couple. Even though they were also technically single before."