Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland still want big wedding

Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland still want a "big wedding".

The couple have postponed their big day twice due to the coronavirus pandemic and recently started planning their nuptials afresh again, but the 'Bachelor Nation' star admitted that doesn't mean they're scaling down their plans.

Wells told 'Entertainment Tonight': "We kind of set up this big wedding. Then, it got postponed. So then, we set it up again. Then, it got postponed.

"We're kind of so committed that we're like, 'Well, we got to have the big wedding.' And so, it's coming."

He jokingly added: "We have a lot of rich friends. We want them to give us gifts. So, we're going to do it and hopefully it's not going to get postponed again. Fingers crossed."

And Wells said he and Sarah are "hoping third time's the charm" and are desperate for their plans not to be derailed once again.

He laughed: "What else could happen that could stop this thing? Who knows? But yeah, we are planning."

Meanwhile, after serving as bartender and master of ceremonies on 'Bachelor in Paradise', Wells is now desperate to step up and be the main host of the franchise.

He said: "That's the greatest job in the history of jobs. You say three lines, and get to travel around the world, and wear cool suits.

"So yeah, if ABC wants me to host the show, then let's go. I can also bartend, and I can also be the therapist. What do you guys need me to do? Please and thank you. I would like that job."

The 37-year-old reality star previously revealed the pair were starting their wedding planning all over again, going as far back as their engagement.

He said: "We're going to do it all over again, we're going to go on a nice vacation to where we got engaged, we're going to re-plan the entire engagement party again, we're going to re-plan our bachelor and bachelorette parties, we're going to kind of like, start a new one doing the wedding stuff."