Woody Harrelson returns to marijuana habit

Woody Harrelson was persuaded to smoke marijuana again by Willie Nelson.

The 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' actor - who has daughters Deni, 26, Zoe, 22, and Makani, 13, with wife Laura - gave up the drug for two years but his singer friend constantly tried to tempt him back to the illicit substance and he eventually gave in.

He said: "I did quit. For almost two years. No smoking, no vaping. And then I ran into [Willie] and that was that.

"See, everybody thinks of Willie as a model of progressive thinking and virtue, and he is, but he's also got an evil side. Eee-vil.

"Now, Willie never felt too good about me quitting. And he kept trying to get me to not quit. We'd be playing poker and he'd pass me a vape pen, and I'd say, 'Willie, man, I don't do that anymore.' And he'd act surprised, like it was news to him - every time, just as surprised as he could be...

"Anyway, Willie passed me the pen after I'd won this huge pot. I was in a celebrating mood, so I snatched the pen from him and took a long draw. And Willie smiled at me and said, 'Welcome home, son.' "

The 58-year-old star also credits the 86-year-old country legend as the reason why he and his family moved to Maui, Hawaii.

He explained to Esquire magazine: "You know the whole reason I'm in Maui in the first place is Willie? Yeah, I went and saw one of his shows a number of years ago. I wanted to meet him.

"So afterward, I went to his bus and knocked on the door, and the door opened, and smoke was billowing out, and I look through the haze and I see this fellow with long hair holding a big old fatty, and he says, 'Let's burn one.' And I know right away that he's going to be a friend for life.

"He told me he had a place in Maui and to come on out, and that's how I just sort of ended up there."

However, Woody is considering returning to his native Texas.

He said: "I kind of love the idea of moving back to Texas, maybe Austin, maybe over by Matthew [McConaughey] or up by Willie."