Amy Winehouse had unreleased songs

Amy Winehouse's drummer Troy Miller says there are unreleased songs they worked on together.

The 'Rehab' hitmaker tragically died of alcohol poisoning back in 2011, aged just 27, and left behind some musical gems, though Troy says he doesn't feel it is right to release the tracks without Amy because she was so protective of her music.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: "I have mixed feelings about those releases, but at the same time I think if its good music I think that people deserves to hear it, we recorded some stuff in St. Lucia and none of that has been purred, as far as I know."

The producer - who is working on Jamie Cullum's new record - says the only problem is that getting hold of the recordings could prove difficult as a lot of the studios they worked at have have shut down.

He continued: "It'll be on people's up drives and some studios that recorded her stuff back in the day are now shut down.

"I dare say people have got footage or recordings somewhere.

"In one sense it's a shame to keep it, I know that probably Amy wouldn't have wanted any of it to be put out, just knowing her."

Troy says the 'Back to Black' singer was working on music before her death, but turned down the chance to work with him because she likes to have ownership over her work.

Asked if it's because she would have wanted the last say on releasing the tracks, he replied: "Yeah, she did tend to be like that.

"I remember not long before she died I said let's get in the studio and do some writing and she said thanks Troy, but I like to write on my own.

"I wanna put my own stuff out.

"She did collaborate a little bit but for the most she wanted to do her own thing.

"I think for an artist in touch with their emotions they've gotta feel like it's all their own and have ownership over what they do."