Emily Eavis is gutted about Glastonbury weather forecast after axing festival

Emily Eavis is gutted the weather is so good on what should have been Glastonbury's 50th anniversary.

The iconic festival's organizer has admitted she's not best pleased about the glorious forecast for this weekend, which would have marked five decades since the inaugural event.

Speaking on Jessie Ware's 'Table Manners' podcast, she said: "The worse thing on these sunny June days it just feels really, really quiet for us because we're used to the buzz at this time.

"The weather forecast is looking really good, it's so annoying! It's just typical."

Despite the disappointment, Emily admitted cancelling the festival wouldn't impact her relationship with her dad Michael Eavis - who founded the event - because she always pushed to keep their personal and business lives as separate as possible.

She explained: "I battled to not let Glastonbury overtake our personal relationship, our father/daughter relationship. It is such a dominating thing and it takes up so much of our lives.

"We do have quite separate roles really, we have times where we talk about certain things that cross both of our worlds but he actually kind of leaves us to it and we leave him to his own thing.

"We use about 20 farms in total so he meets the landowners and does a lot of that work. There's a degree of separation from the things that we do."

Emily added that she and her father have an "understand" of each other's roles and the roots of the festival.

She added: "We've always been very close and there's always been that understanding that we're going to do the right thing. We have similar instincts.

"If I had been trying to cash in on it and bring in loads of massive brands then maybe there would have been alarm bells ringing.

"I've tried to keep it as pure as I can, keeping it in the original essence of what it was in 1970. I think we've got a good vibe."