Jamie Lawson offered to write for Niall Horan

Jamie Lawson has spoken to Niall Horan about writing songs for him.

The 'Wasn't Expecting That' hitmaker supported One Direction on their 2015 'On the Road Again Tour' and he has revealed he spoke to the Irish hunk - who has been working on his second solo album, following the release of 2017's 'Flicker' - about sending him some of his ideas, though he's yet to get back to him.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz at Barclaycard presents British Summer Time Hyde Park, Jamie said: "I'd love to. I have offered. I have bumped into Niall a couple of times so ... he hasn't called me yet, but it would be nice to."

The 43-year-old singer/songwriter - who was the first artist to be signed by Ed Sheeran's record label Gingerbread Man Records - also opened up about his battle with stage nerves and how it's worsened as he's gotten older.

He said: "Oddly enough I've got more nervous as I've got older, which is very strange.

"I am trying to work that out in my head.

"But I can't see what else I would be doing."

Meanwhile, Jamie recently admitted he is thankful for having 'Perfect' hitmaker Ed as his mentor.

Speaking about how he helped him with his last album, 'The Years In Between', he said: "Ed is mentoring me in a sense - I would play him the recordings we had done.

"He gave me advice, he's always been in that role for me.

"This is the third record I have with him and it feels good because he has faith in what I do."