Jorja Smith gets 'best advice' from Stormzy

Jorja Smith gets "the best advice" from Stormzy.

The 21-year-old singer admits she always thinks about what he told her when they worked on their duet 'Let Me Down' when she thinks about her career and tries to enjoy it as much as possible.

She told Elle magazine: "Stormzy gives the best advice.

"We wrote 'Let Me Down' in 2016 and he said, 'As long as you love what you're doing, that's all that matters.' So that's how I look at things now."

The 'Blue Lights' singer also looks to her musician father when she needs help or advice with her music.

She added: "My dad used to be in a band, so I always keep him in the loop. He gives me ideas and even has credits on my songs.

"At the end of 'Teenage Fantasy', when it says, 'There's no need to rush, take your time, life's a big ol' ride, sit back and enjoy the vibe' - that was my dad."

Jorja has always been a big fan of the late singer Amy Winehouse and the 'Back to Black' hitmaker still features in her dreams.

She revealed: "I have dreams about Amy Winehouse. I've always looked up to her as an artist. Growing up, I didn't read the newspaper or watch the news, so my image of her was never tainted by the media.

"I had a dream where she messaged me to say, 'Can I put the video of you and me on my Instagram?' I don't know what the video was of, but I just replied, 'Oh my God, yes.' "

The 'Beauty For Little Fools' singer thinks it is important for her music to carry a message.

She said: "My songs are about social issues. When things are going on in the world, I think it's important to touch on them, because as a musician, you can make people listen. As soon as people press play, you've got their attention."