New Power Generation to make new album

Morris Hayes has revealed that the New Power Generation are going to record a new album.

The band were Prince's backing group for many years appearing on several albums, most notably 1991's 'Diamonds and Pearls', and toured with him extensively.

Since the 'Purple Rain' hitmaker's untimely death in April 2016 at the age of 57 the band - which includes Tommy Barbarella and Andre Cymone among others - reunited and has been back on the road playing tribute concerts to the legendary pop star packed with his hits.

Now band leader Morris has revealed he and his bandmates are heading into the studio to create new music which will incorporate the style of their former mentor and leaning on the lessons he taught them about songwriting.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: "We're going the studio soon and we're going to be working on stuff. We're gonna come together like we used to back in the day, we're going to set up shop and just jam. We already have stuff that we've been working out on the road. I think we have a good head start on some really killer stuff. I've been saying to the guys that it's cool to go out and play these great songs and celebrate Prince's legacy and that's really cool and we all enjoy that because we all love that music. But really the destiny for the NPG at this point is what we create ourselves, what we come up with as a band and showcase what we've been taught and what we have learnt from all those years working with Prince for as long as we did. It would be unfortunate if we didn't have anything to show from all we've learned, I believe we're going to have some good songs."

And Morris has hinted that some of the songs could feature guest vocalists but he is keeping the names under wraps for now.

He added: "

"The core of the NPG will be the basis for the album. There are lots of people who I've met in the industry who I would love to do some things with, and they're down with that, but the album will mainly be made by our singers and our players. I believe we are capable of making some incredible music, of course the fans will decide that. "We have some starting blocks for songs, I've put together some groove ideas to follow up in the studio. One of the things I liked when Prince did this is how organically songs would be created. There was nothing like getting in a room and getting a groove going and just jamming. That was big for me, I'm looking forward to getting in the studio and doing some crazy stuff."

The New Power Generation are bringing an evening of Prince's music to the Indigo at The O2 on August 2 and Morris can't wait to play at the venue again as it was the location of Prince's legendary after-show gigs during his '21 Nights in London' residency at The O2 arena.

Morris said: "Man, it's going to be so great to be back there, those shows were unforgettable. I'll never forget when Amy Winehouse got on stage with us to sing 'Love Is A Losing Game', amazing times."

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