Siobhan Fahey blasts Bananarama reunion

Siobhan Fahey was disappointed with Bananarama's reunion.

The singer reunited with former bandmates Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward in 2017 - 29 years after first leaving the group - but she has claimed she wasn't told the whole story about plans for their comeback.

She told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "I didn't want to do it just for a British tour and I went back on the understanding that we were going to take it around the world and maybe do a new single.

"But it transpires that's not what they wanted. They just wanted the British tour."

Although the group released a new album 'In Stereo' back in April, Siobhan - who added that she "doubts" she'll ever return again - admitted she wasn't involved in the record.

She explained: "No. They had that in the can before we did the tour."

Last month, Siobhan reunited with ex Shakespears Sister bandmate Marcella Detroit after reportedly settling their differences, leading to a UK tour and new single 'All the Queen's Horses'.

An insider said at the time: "It's taken years to broker this truce and reunion between Siobhan and Marcella.

"They're both such strong-willed women but they know they make some of their best music when working together. The rumors have been circulating for a while and finally they're true."

The pair's 1992 hit 'Stay' remained at number one in the UK for eight consecutive weeks, but Siobhan - who founded the group in 1988 - axed Marcella from the band in 1993.

Marcella found out she had been booted out of the duo when Siobhan's publisher read out an acceptance speech at the 1993 Ivor Novello Awards ceremony after Shakespears Sister's second studio album 'Hormonally Yours' had won Best Contemporary Collection of Songs.